About The Company

Auto Express Company is a small independent company, working with vintage vehicles and parts, and also exports these items to Japan. We have been around since the fall of 1989. We serve the older car owners, collectors, restoration shops, and other automobile dealers, most who are in Japan, with searching and restoring the vintage classics and unusual vehicles.

We try our best to accommodate the client with his or her specific requests whether it is a vehicle or an unusual part, which may be rare or obsolete. We work with a variety of vehicles, from the vintage classic European cars such as the 1962 Jaguar Mark II, to the “fast and furious” muscle cars like the classic ‘60s Chevys, to the newest models of ATVs.

As an exporter, we send vehicles to Japan by ship and ensure the vehicle is safely stowed and shipped to the intended location. In the future, we’ll try to expand our area to include some other Asian and European countries and also, enter the domestic market.


The Owner

The owner, Yoshihisa (aka Scott) Kato, has had an interest in cars since he was a young man in Japan. He is the one who oversees the detailed work of restoration from the beginning to the end. He will always try to ensure the quality of the restoration, whether it’s the color of the fabric for the headliner to the smallest bolt holding some engine part together. Scott will do his utmost to restore the cars to their original style and grace.